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Materials in the digital archive are to be used for private study, scholarship, or research. If used for other purposes, the user may be liable for copyright infringement. The Edgecombe County Memorial Library, due to the generosity of our local community, has in its possession many historic collections of photographs and documents. We are always working to digitally archive these items for preservation and easier access of the materials by the public. From this page you can access the collections we have finished archiving. We will be adding more collections to the archive as we complete them and receive new materials.

These materials are the property of the Edgecombe County Memorial Library and some documents are in partnership with the Edgecombe County Cultural Arts Council.

Bridgers' Bible

A collection of pages from a family bible showing their family genealogy as well as some of their slave's genealogy. This bible dates back to the 1830's and covers 3 generations of their family. This bible is property of the Edgecombe County Cultural Arts Council. The bible can be seen at the Blount Bridgers house. Please call Carol Banks at 252-823-4159 to arrange a viewing.

Dr Moses Ray

Dr. Moses A. Ray was born in Clinton, North Carolina, on September 25, 1920.  He was educated in the public schools in Clinton, received a Bachelor of Science degree from Shaw University in 1941 and a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Howard University in 1945.


George Howard Collection

This collection is a scrapbook of pictures that were taken by George Howard who was superintendent of Edgecombe County schools from July 1916 through June 1918 and from January 1919 through July 1920.  The scrapbook consists of photographs of different schools covering the whole county.  Also there are also photographs of different types of transportation that were used to get to school in the early 1900’s, such as children walking to school or riding in wagons.

Houses of Edgecombe County

The Edgecombe County Historical Society was established in 1964.  They had there first organizational meeting on February 24, 1964.  Their purpose was to sponsor historical research and to prevent further losses of the area's historical sites.  Their original committee consisted of only ten members.  One of the society's first projects was to raise funds to purchase the Colonial Records series for the Edgecombe County Memorial Library.  The group also went throughout the county and took pictures of historic homes as part of the historic preservation fund for the county. For more information about the individual houses please contact the Local History Specialist.

Lena Martin Photograph Collection

A collection of photographs from the late 1800's early 1900's taken by Lena Martin and donated by her family. These photos are of Edgecombe County and its people. These photographs are the property of the Edgecombe County Memorial Library.

Nettles Family

This is a collection of Solomon Nettles who migrated to Edgecombe County from Virginia.  In this collection there are newspaper clippings about the family dating from the time they lived in Virginia and in Edgecombe County, as well as pictures of the Nettles family in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.  Each picture is identified with people’s names and dates. 

Oversized Photographs

These are oversized photos of various locations in and around Tarboro and Edgecombe County.  These vary from birds eye views of Main Street in Tarboro to the Edgecombe County Civil War Veterans reunions.  There are pictures of boats on the Tar River and images of the Tarboro Baseball Team.  There are also images of different churches in Tarboro and other buildings in the county, as well as assorted photographs of people who lived in the area. 

Rev. Brown's 1913 Gettysburg Scrapbook

The Scrapbook was compiled by Rev. Bertrum Brown, rector of Calvary Church of Tarboro upon traveling to the 50th anniversary reunion of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1913. Several local Civil War veterans attended this reunion, however, not all of them fought at Gettysburg. The reunion of both union and confederate veterans was documented by photographs of the veterans visiting the various battle sites.  The scrapbook includes some narration by Brown as well as photos of markers for various regiments. Among the many photos is a rare photo of African-American Veterans - members of the US Colored Troops who attended this reunion.


Wiggins Family

This is a collection of information from the John Lawrence Wiggins family, of Edgecombe County.  This collection consists of a family bible record, letters, and newspaper clippings.  There are pictures in the 1920s and 1930s of many members of the John Lawrence Wiggins family.  Each picture is identified with people’s names and dates. 

U.D.C. Confederate Scrapbook 1907-1968

The United Daughters of the Confederacy is an organization that honors ancestors that fought in the Civil War. The Edgecombe County chapter of the UDC was formed November 21, 1902.  This group chose to name themselves the William Dorsey Pender Chapter, after General William Dorsey Pender.  He was the youngest general in the Confederate army.  Their first president was Mrs. Henry C. Bourne and they had twenty five charter members.  Within this group, there was an Edgecombe County chapter for children.  The children's group was named the Dixie Lee Chapter.  It was formed February 6, 1906.  One of their projects was getting the Henry Wyatt fountain placed in the Town Commons.  They also put together a scrapbook in 1907.  This book contains newspaper articles, photographs and various other materials. 



If you have any comments or questions about these collections or if you can provide any additional identifying information about the photos, please click here to contact our local history librarian.

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